December 7, 2011


For 10-12 appams:
1.Raw rice -2 cups.
2.Cooked rice-1 cup
3.Active dry yeast - 1 tsp
4.Sugar - 1 tsp
6.Coconut powder or grated coconut- 1/2 cup
7.Egg - 1 no
8..Milk - As reqd
9.Salt - A pinch.
10.Coconut water-1/4 cup(from one coconut)
Pre-mixed coconut water and sugar mixture=add one tsp sugar to 1/4 cup of coconut water and keep it in fridge for one or two days

Palapam mutta roast by {deepapraveen very busy with work..back soon

1. Sock the rice in water for few hours.
2.Drain it and grind this with coconut(grated or powder) and cooked rice add enough milk.
3. Combine yeast in luke warm water and then add to coconut water mixture. Keep it for half an hour, for fermentation.
4.Add this to the grinded mixture and mix well.
5. Keep it over night for fermentation.
6.Next morning, mix egg white and salt together add this to the mixture,just check the batter and if it is not so sweet for you, you can add more sugar( but not too much).
7.Heat appachatti or a non-stick pan and pour a big spoon of mixture(2 to 3 tsp of batter together) and rotate the pan in circular shape holding both the handles of the pan to get the laze like edges as shown in the picture.
8.Cover this and cook in medium heat for 2-3 mnts if you get a bit golden shade to the edges your appam is ready to be served.
NO need to FLIP.
In a hurry?
Transfer rice batter to a micro-wave friendly container and in medium heat cook for 1/2 mnt.
Add warm water(not boiling) to a big dish and place the batter can in this. Replace this water twice. You can prepare appam with in 4 hours.
P.S : We use the same batter to prepare 2 pancakes. One is palapam and the other one is the vella appam.
Vella appam- you make in a pan like a thick dosa or a pancake. Use the above mentioned batter and prepare a normal pancake.
Palapam is the frilled one- The one with the golden Frill. The batter is more watery, bit more milk to the batter will make it bit runny.


  1. I tried this recepie and it came out well.thanks for ur post.

  2. i made this came out very nicely...thanks a lot..keep blogging