November 30, 2011


Rice (Boiled/Idli rice)     4 cups
Urad Dhall(Indian black lentil)     1 to 1 1/2 cup
Fenugreek seed     1 tsp
Salt     2 tsp

photo by vidyapraveen

1     Wash the rice in water.Rinse and
2     Soak rice and urad dhall(with fenugreek) seperately in water for 4 hours
3     Grind the rice first
4     Grind the urad dhall next
5     Take alarge bowl and mix them together. Add salt.
6     Let it ferment over night. Check to see if it well fermented and raise to the brim.
7     Take a flat frying pan with a minimum of 9 inches diameter. just sprinkle oil and spread it with a cloth or tissue paper
8     Pour one big spoonful on to the pan and spread it thin in circular motion very lightly. Pour little bit of oil on the sides
9     When you see it brown on the back, turn it over and pour a little bit of oil agin on this side. Take it out when it it is golden brown.
10     You can also make soft dosa by not spreading it thin in circular motion, and not frying to a goldne brown.
11     Dosas can be eaten with many side dishes and dips. Traditional sambar and chutney or any non-veg curry or sugar and ghee, idli mix with gingley oil.


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